Receive 8-weeks of professional postpartum support online,
with the Better Postpartum online program.

Get connected to 16 of the industry’s leading postpartum experts, who all share their best care practices with you, in an educational program that’s designed to prepare you for and support your total wellness in your life after birth.

Introducing Better Postpartum.

A place where you can learn all the things you need to know for optimal physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual postpartum health and recovery.

So you can live a postpartum life that you love.

Take care of your baby in the most important way imaginable.
Give them the gift of a healthier, happier mom.


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Find out how Better Postpartum Meets ACOG Guidelines for Optimizing Postpartum Care.

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Take care of yourself and you can take care of the world.

“There are so many challenges that come up for a woman postpartum. Therefore, we, as women, owe it to ourselves to prepare for them… and to know how to avoid them, alleviate them, or navigate them with greater ease and comfort, should they arise.”

~Natalie Telyatnikov, Founder, Better Postpartum




You have questions.

We have answers.

How can I revitalize, re-energize, and fully recover from birth?

How can I set myself up for successful breastfeeding/baby-feeding?

What is the proper nutritional protocol for enhancing my postpartum hormonal health and physical recovery?

How can I prevent or remedy the most common postpartum problems, and more?


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My goal with this program is to bridge the information gap… to give women a fuller picture of what to expect [not only] when they’re expecting—but more importantly—what to expect in their lives afterward.”

~Natalie Telyatnikov, Founder of Better Postpartum

If you are already postpartum, and can relate to any of the following,
we can help:

You have experienced any sleeplessness, insomnia, low-energy, lethargy, anxious or intrusive thoughts; feelings of sadness, depression, resentment, anger, trouble coping with change or feelings of missing your old life in those especially trying early days/weeks/months of caring for your newborn.

You had a birth outcome that was difficult, traumatic, constantly replays in your mind, or did not meet your expectations in any way—great or slight—which haunts you.

You feel guilty asking for help or feel ashamed when you need it.

You feel unwell or simply yearn to have an easier time than you are having.



Let’s get you feeling prepared, empowered, educated, and informed about how to best navigate all of the common changes and challenges that naturally arise during the postpartum period.

Knowledge is power—and it is also the key to a happier, healthier postpartum you.


“My wish for mothers everywhere, is that they too can learn how to experience the best postpartum possible.”

~Natalie Telyatnikov, Founder of Better Postpartum




Read more about our packages and how to get 7 days of FREE, expert advice, on how to live a postpartum life you love.

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Please note: This program is not intended to replace medical treatment, where necessary, nor is it intended to be the sole resource for postpartum women who may feel the need for more assistance in their lives after birth. This program makes a great adjunct to other therapies, live-support groups, etc.