December 12, 2018

Why invest in Better Postpartum?

Having a newborn can be hard . . . physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically—especially when you don’t know the nuances of how to properly recover from your birth, how to properly nourish yourself after giving birth, or how to effectively cope with the exhaustion that sets in after countless nights of around-the-clock demands from your newborn.

So let us make your life easier.

We can relieve some of that burden.

We will show you the very best practices in postpartum care, so that you can not just survive—but thrive—in early motherhood.

WHY? Because the way you experience this sacred time in your life, matters.

It’s time. Open yourself up to the possibility.

Yes, YOU can experience a Better Postpartum.

You can feel more ease in your life as a new mother.

You can learn how to have a more enjoyable 4th trimester & beyond.

Why sign up for Better Postpartum?

Because YOU matter.

You are the world to that new life you have created.

And no matter what you may think now: taking care of you IS what’s best for your baby.

(Better Postpartumfounder, Natalie Telyatnikov, is a mother and postpartum counselor, so she knows how
important it is….learn more about her postpartum journey here.)

Do you want:

• To be prepared for and knowledgeable about what your life will be like after giving birth

• To feel empowered when making the great life transition from maiden to mother

• To have a fulfilling postpartum period that feels more full of pleasure than of pain

• To feel grounded, supported, and deeply rooted to the intended historical and global traditions of postpartum care

• To feel a part of a community of like-minded mothers who share in your experiences

• To be connected to a vast array of resources that will support your ultimate wellness in your life as a new mother

• To be inspired by women professionals who are ushering in a new, revolutionary paradigm shift to FINALLY meet the true needs women have after giving birth to their babies

• To be your best self (for yourself, your partner, your baby—and everyone in your life!)

• To feel vibrant, joyful to be alive, enriched by the experience of early motherhood

• To be bonded with your baby, and fully in touch with your true needs as a WOMBan

In the Fully Supported Mama package you get access to these incredible experts, some of their best resources for new mothers, and more.