May 23, 2018


“I looked forward to watching the daily videos on my pump break at work! The information was so valuable! I just wish I had known about this sooner!”
~Anna, Mother of Jack

“I was stressing out because I didn’t have the time to read all the parenting books I wanted to read, so having these quick videos to watch dally was exactly what I needed to get up to speed. It was super convenient and way more enjoyable.”

~Julie, Mother of Oliver, CA

“I loved taking Better Postpartum while I was pregnant, in my second and third trimester. It made me feel so calm and prepared. But the lifetime access to the course was the best part! I rewatched certain sections once baby was here–whenever I needed a refresher! Like the breastfeeding and sleep sections! It was a lifesaver. A total game-changer, when I needed this info the most!”
~Melinda, Mother of Abigail

“Better Postpartum helped me so much during a time when I felt alone and at wits end with my health both physically and mentally. The program is very thorough and in depth, you can tell a lot of love and time was put into it. The nutrition tips really helped the times that I couldn’t keep much food down. Most of all the unending support from Natalie the founder was irreplaceable. Knowing that there is someone there who will never judge and who completely understands is just incredible. In our modern detached society, we forget how important the support of your fellow women is and this is a huge step in the right direction!”
~Nancy, Mother of Cooper

“I so appreciate it Natalie!! I had stopped taking my magnesium after I delivered but started taking it again along with your suggestions, and honestly I can say I feel sooooo much better. I haven’t had any hopeless feelings or tears in 3 days which is huge for me. I also had the opportunity to really work through some of the birth trauma I experienced, I had an unexpected 3rd degree episiotomy which was and still is really effecting my self-view. Overall I feel more balanced and capable of taking this day by day. Of course I know recovery is a process but I truly feel it’s on an upward trend! Thank you so much for opening your heart to me, and Im enjoying learning about your program which is amazing!”
~Rachel, CA, Mother of Leo

“Thank you so much for everything – I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t reached out to Natalie about joining Better Postpartum that day!”
~Beth, CT, Mother of Bowdie

Testimonials for the creator of Better Postpartum

As a nursing mother who struggled and pumped exclusively for the first 9 weeks of my daughter’s life, I truly appreciate how normal Natalie made me feel in those early difficult weeks. She reassured me I wasn’t failing and that I was doing my best for my baby. I will always remember her kindness.
~ Della Sousa Pereira

Natalie brings a much needed gentleness and spiritual wisdom to her work with new mothers, and she has an ability to create community and healing wherever she goes. She is highly effective not only because of her excellent training, but because she intimately understands the unique challenges of self care as a mother. Natalie is gifted with an innate warmth and compassion for mothers, which she offers generously to those around her. I will be continuing to follow her work as I grow in my own wisdom and love for myself as a mother.
~Rebecca Straayer Engleman

The attention that Natalie gave me when we met for the first time felt like a warm blanket of compassion and care. Having Natalie’s support and insight played an essential role in my being able to finally bid farewell to PPD. I also believe that if I had met her sooner—as my husband and I were preparing to become parents—it would have quite possibly spared us the experience of PPD altogether, or at the very least would have given us the right tools to deal with it and diminish its grip.

Natalie is an extraordinary human being in every sense of the word. She is insightful beyond measure, and out of the ordinary in how deeply she cares, feels, listens and understands. If you are in the lucky position to have Natalie as your Postpartum Support Specialist, know that you are in amazing hands.
~Ania Poinvil

Praise for your experts

Founder, Life After Birth CT

“Life After Birth with Cynthia Overgard is what should be on our baby registries rather than a new bouncy seat! This is the greatest gift for a new mom.”
~ Sarah McGrath

“This most major life event happening so beautifully was all due to you.”
~ Lydia Heilmann

Postpartum Doula

“Having her knowledge and expertise was an invaluable resource at a time when we needed it the most.”
~Ryan & Melody Barton

“It’s difficult to put into words how much her presence contributed to a positive birth experience, despite some challenging circumstances. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her.”
~ Heather Breslin

Birth Doula

“Lisa is as professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy as she is compassionate, sincere, and committed to each and every one of her clients… she truly gives each family everything she can to help them have the birth they’ve envisioned…”
~Natasha Roggi

“Lisa was like Mary Poppins at the birth with her bag of tricks… Look no further… Lisa was perfect!”
~Katrina Mill

Birth Pyschologist and Author

“I recommend her services to anyone that is expecting/has a newborn!”
~ Danielle, CT

“I have trusted every bit of advice from Lindsay since Day 1, even more so than my pediatrician!”
~Meghan, CT


“[Susan is] truly invested in helping our family flourish and stay healthy. Our family feels connected to each of the Journey to Birth midwives and we speak often of our amazing birth experience.”
~Charloette, mother of Savannah

“At such a tender time for a new family, these are the people you want by your side.”
~ Father Anon.

Wholistic Nutritionist

“Michelle’s advice on how to eat for my hormonal health was my saving grace—the recommendations that she made were the #1 thing that positively affected my postpartum health, and rid me of all of my unwanted symptoms, including curing my depression.”
~N. I.

Pelvic Floor Specialist 

“People describe Tara as “magic” for good reason–she is a miracle worker when it comes to all things postpartum!”
~Catherine I

 “I wasn’t sure what to expect from pelvic floor therapy, but Tara Gibson can serve tea to a raging bull in a china shop. With her gentle, Mother Earth vibe and intent listening, she helped me calm down and open up, everywhere. We discussed all that went right and wrong with my pregnancy and daughter’s birth… and then she went to work on me with great understanding and compassion. Was it strange to have a woman delicately touching me in places meant for my husband? Yes. Was it strange making jokes, laughing, and getting to know each other while she massaged away tight spots in the walls of my vagina and smoothed out scar tissue from the incision?  Yes. Did any weirdness or embarrassment linger beyond the first session? No. It turns out I’d unknowingly been carrying tension in my pelvic floor and vaginal walls for years. It caused painful sex in my adult life and then affected my baby’s delivery.  The reasons are varied, complicated, and some are unique to me, but Tara says so many women have strain and dysfunction in this area. It doesn’t have to be that way. All too often women hold their deepest wounds in their most sacred places, and Tara can bring healing there to anyone truly open to it.”  
~ Cindy S.

Baby Sleep Consultant

“We could not be more grateful to Dana and her guidance. It was so challenging for us new parents, as we just didn’t know whether to comfort [our daughter], give her more food, or just let her cry. Our daughter started sleeping through the night 3 nights after we talked to Dana. This had such a positive impact on our lives…”
~ Ryan and Heidi Holmes

“I wish I had contacted Sheep at Night months earlier. Quality sleep for the whole family is priceless!”
~ The Luce Family

“Who could have imagined five days ago that so much could be done with sleep training that our baby could now put herself to sleep in a matter of minutes, nap perfectly on schedule, and sleep at night for the longest stretches imaginable? … Thank you, Thank you! You have my recommendation for life, and now we have a sleeping rock star on our hands.”
~ The Mihelic Family

Life Coach

“Ashley has helped me improve my life on so many levels and I am beyond grateful for her loving support. I started working with her 5 months ago, when I was constantly overwhelmed by my life circumstances and everything that was happening to me. With her help, I found my inner peace.”
~ Eva

“Ashley helped me let go of things and events that upset me… I now know, more than ever before, what I want from life and how to make healthy decisions that support my wellbeing.”

“Working with Ashley feels like working with a best friend who gives you the very best life advice, allowing you to understand yourself better, follow your intuition and witness what is going on in your mind. I have seen huge shifts in my personality, attitude and reactions to situations. … It was 100% worth it. The inner fix is priceless. Once you start working on the inside, the outside starts falling into place.”

Pleasure Coach

“Briana has a heart that wraps around the globe and back.”

“Everyone definitely wants to drink her kool-aid, CAUSE IT IS FOR REAL.”
~Caroline Yacu

“With Briana’s help, I aim everyday to live the life I want, not the life I believe others think I should be living. Briana has helped me connect spiritually to the universe, to ask for what I want and desire, and to ask for help from the universe and the people around me.”
~Marina Mackrow

“I am reconnected to a sense of playfulness in my daily life. I am less effortful, more spontaneous, more willing to ask for what I want because I desire it, and less motivated toward “I have to”.
~Tara Sindler

Health Transformation Coach

“I am blown away at how [Cari] can piece together all of [my] missing and broken pieces. It all makes so much sense when it’s laid out. My newfound confidence and self love makes me want to sing and dance my way through anything! My heart is so full right now.”

“Cari and her program pulled me out of my fearful and depressive thoughts and gave me FREEDOM to be happy with myself and my life and be a kind and loving mom, wife, friend and family member again! I highly recommend her for the gentlest yet powerful way to get your “you” back again.”
~ anon.

Soul Coach

“Sessions with Jo Anna are like wormholes in the Universe — the fastest way I know to travel great distances with the greatest ease. [They] have created cosmic shifts in my consciousness… I am forever grateful.”
~ Michelle Abend Bauman, Coach

“If you’re ready to watch your life radically and positively shift … Jo Anna is, without a doubt, the person to help you. Be ready to see magic happen before your eyes.”
~ Gina Kimmel

Midwife & Innate
Postpartum Care Creator

“[Rachelle] has synthesized ancient wisdom with modern, even groundbreaking, concepts.”
~Nicole Schiller

“Her teachings are filled with rich wisdom from her lineage, and from years of studying with the midwives who shared with her. [The] sacredness of these teachings of the past, those developed from the old-age and time-tested wisdom of many generations, continue to guide us today, thanks to teachers like Rachelle.”
~Norma Rabbitskin

Mindfullness Teacher

“Rebecca has been among my first and top role models for living a genuinely peaceful and compassionate lifestyle. She is the person who brought meditation into my life, and for that I am forever grateful.”

“[Rebecca] is committed to every single thing she values without hesitation, from yoga and meditation to natural living and conscious mothering.”

Lactation Consultant

“As a first time mom, nursing my twins was putting me over the edge. Dana came to my rescue. She helped me come up with a plan that was workable for me and the girls so we could all enjoy the experience and the benefits.”
~Maggie B.

“I thought nursing baby #3 would be a no-brainer but I couldn’t believe how wrong I was – I was in a ton of pain and ready to give up. Dana was a lifesaver and helped me through every step of the way.”
~Jen F.

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