May 22, 2018

Our Packages and Offerings

$149 (now only $75)
-Access to the complete set of interviews with the experts—all of the information to start you well on your way to a happier and healthier mom-version of you!




(an 8-week wellness program) $249 (now only $97)

-Access to the complete set of our 7 core interviews with the experts—all of the information you could ever want or need!

-PLUS: 6 bonus interviews with master-healers about mindfulness, meditation, sleep, Ayurveda, and the global traditions of postpartum care—this is the ultimate healing package!

-PLUS: Receive 8 weeks worth of daily e-mails which include the interview videos broken down into 5-10 minute daily segments plus additional information, tips and resources that will point you in the right direction toward your total postpartum wellness!



(an 8-week wellness program) $399 (now only $333) BEST VALUE!

-Everything you get in the Fully Supported Mama package

-PLUS: Access to a thriving online community of like-minded mamas on our Secret, Un-searchable Facebook Page where you can ask questions, share your experiences, and communicate directly with other moms AND Better Postpartum founder/postpartum support specialist Natalie Telyatnikov during the entire 8-week program

– PLUS: A FREE one-on-one personal phone consultation with a trained postpartum health coach, Cari Aho *this is incredibly valuable and therapeutic beyond measure!*



(12-week wellness program plus a private coach) $2500

-Everything in the It Takes a Village package

-PLUS: 12 weeks of private 1:1 postpartum therapeutic coaching and support from Cari Aho (*This package is a godsend if you wish to resolve or avoid the re-occurance of postpartum depression)

-AN INNATE POSTPARTUM CARE Wellness Phone consultation straight from Better Postpartum Founder Natalie Telyatnikov

ADD-ON Package: Healing Traditions with Better Postpartum:

For women living within a 35-minute radius of Natalie’s Connecticut home:

Enjoy a private, 2 hour, in-home visit from Better Postpartum Founder Natalie Telyatnikov, in which she will bring you a healing and warming postpartum ginger spice cake, a medicinal herbal tea, and treat you to any 3 of the following that you chose:

• An ayurvedic-style sesame oil body massage treatment,
• Reiki energy healing,
• Postpartum belly binding,
• Vaginal steaming,
• A womb-healing meditation,
• A rebozo closing ceremony,
• An angelic tarot card reading

We’ll sit and talk and enjoy tea together before diving in to the ancient postpartum healing traditions of your choice! This is the best gift ever for yourself or someone you love, who is 2 days-6 weeks postpartum.

[Sessions can also be adjusted for pregnancy AND for anytime in the year following giving birth].

~Cost for 3 treatments during our 2-hour session together is $200.
~Please inquire about bookings to:

Our Healing and Warming Bundle:

Receive a basket with an assortment of samples of 12 healing herbs and ingredients, along with directions on how to prepare them into delicious decoctions and infusions that will aid in your physical and hormonal post-birth recovery.

~$50 if ordered in tandem with your Healing Traditions session
~$69 plus shipping if ordered separately

Please email to order, and expect a 7-10 day wait time!

Interested in only a few specialists in particular?

Now, we’ve got an option for that!

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*Please note, that all other segments not mentioned here (i.e. the mindfullness, health
transformation, baby sleep consulting, and postpartum traditions segments, are not available as individuals. They are only available as part of the FULLY SUPPORTED, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, or THE SAVING GRACE packages).

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Hellbent, Episode 29: Ignoring Female Pain f/ Natalie Telyatnikov
Devon sits down with Natalie Telyatnikov, founder of Better Postpartum, an organization dedicated to lowering the maternal mortality rate and help women get through Postpartum Depression and other Postpartum medical issues. Devon also discusses racism in healthcare and how that directly relates to pregnant women of color.

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